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Selby Associates is one of the most professional business brokers NJ and provides expert review and analysis of businesses to provide evaluations, exit strategy planning, business sales or acquisitions. Rob Selby has worked with many businesses in the NJ area.

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  • Our business brokers maintain your confidentiality, answer your questions, and make your business more valuable.
  • Selby Associates will work with you to prepare your business for that important next step,whether it is a sale or acquisition, and make sure that you avoid many of the common mistakes.
  • Working with Selby Associates business brokers is like a having a partner committed to the same goal who also has tons of experience, lots of valuable knowledge, and a database of important contacts. It's good to have a firm like this on your team.
Creating the right exit strategy now is more valuable later
  • If you're not sure where to begin, Selby Associates will advise about becoming well organized and transparent with all of your financial records and contracts.
  • A business broker from Selby Associates can help define concrete goals and a plan to achieve them.
  • Selby Associates advises about the right time to exit and the best possible price.
  • Selby Associates will suggest changes implemented now that can pay off later. Identifying potential opportunities and analyzing existing customers, vendors, suppliers will bring stability and diversification to your business operations.
  • Selby Associates can assist with identifying and implementing cost cutting strategies to decrease expenses and increase profits.
  • Selby Associates will help you find opportunities to increase the value of your company. Whether it's defining your competitive advantage that gives you a unique position in your industry or expanding to a new customer base or complementary product/service.
  • Selby Associates will evaluate your business now, assist in adding value, reevaluate and then help you with a profitable exit.

Have a question regarding corporate advisory services, business exit planning, business acquisitions or business sales? Please ask the business brokers from Selby Associates of Cherry Hill NJ today.

Selby Associates
Selby Associates : Exceptional business broker NJ

I contacted one of your business brokers to prepare my business for my future exit. Thank you to all of the business brokers involved in the preparation of the analysis materials. I have been involved in business sales and acquisitions ranging up to several million dollars and your prep and review is the best I have ever seen. Once my company was listed for sale, it sold in a few months.

NJ,NJ. 5 star rating Overall Experience 5/5
Respected business brokers NJ

A manufacturing company owner ready to retire contacted us. After a complete review and tour, because of our manufacturing experience, we noticed 2 issues negatively affecting the company's value. There was too much equipment for the amount of sales and too much space as well. Immediate suggestion to owner: sell equipment not fully using and shift the work accordingly. Selling equipment does not lower the value of the company because the value is based on cash flow. After excess equipment sold, the company had excess square footage and high overhead expenses. Our business brokers reviewed the company's current contracts and lease and within the year, company was able to relocate to a smaller facility and lower rent and utility expenses. Sales were not affected by the sale of the excess equipment or the relocation but cash flow increased and thus the value of the company increased. Two years later, the company sold for more than the owner even expected to receive.

Selby Associates is only successful when all of your goals are achieved.

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Our business brokers provide services including business exit planning in NJ and these areas:

  • Camden County
  • Mercer County
  • Burlington County
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Selby Associates
Selby Associates
Very pleased with results

Knew qualified Buyers in my industry and made introductions and managed the closing until the very end with no hiccups or issues.

5 star rating
Overall Experience 5/5
  • Selby Associates comment:

    Thanks John! We value our customer’s time so we only provide them with serious and qualified buyers.

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