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Finding the right business to purchase can be a complicated task. With so many factors that add or detract from the value of each business property, only business acquisition consultants with objective viewpoints, such as your business brokers NJ, can provide the expertise you need to make an educated choice among the properties available. However, even with the benefit of professional guidance, you should keep in mind certain criteria that are important in making your final decision.

The financials of the businesses under your consideration should be one of your key selection criteria. While your adviser will help you check and interpret the numbers, you should still take heed of specific items. Does the company have a positive or negative cash flow? Does the profit margin jibe with the amount of sales? If profits seem low in comparison to sales, perhaps the cost of producing goods is prohibitive.

Be wary of the values that the current owner places on business assets. Because owners invest countless hours, ingenuity and plenty of money in their enterprises, they may believe their companies are worth more than their market values. Your business adviser has the expertise to point out asking prices that are over inflated and to identify realistic values. As a rule of thumb, you should expect to recoup your purchase expenditure within two years of owning the business.

When looking at businesses, consider how many years they have been trading.

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To get a realistic picture of any company's performance, you need to figure in market fluctuations and developments over the long term. Further, keep in mind that a business that has only been trading for a year or less has not had the time to build brand, clientele or goodwill.

Look at the assets of the business you're considering. Assets include actual property, office and manufacturing equipment, inventory, supplies, intellectual property, work contracts and experienced staff. Consider whether each asset is likely to appreciate in value or depreciate. For example, real estate tends to gain value while equipment tends to lose value.

Also look into liabilities such as debt, outdated machinery, lack of essential technology and negative branding. Consider how these drawbacks are likely to affect the company's bottom line in the future.

When you find a business that looks promising, check out the competition. Determine if the market that the business serves is already flooded with similar companies or if there is room for healthy competition. Watch out for competitors with ill will toward the company that could threaten your profit margin.

By carefully considering the above criteria, you can identify the most promising businesses on the market. Work closely with your business acquisition expert to make a final decision that will benefit your bottom line.

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