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If you own a business that has not proven to be profitable, you might assume that it is not salable. You may opt for liquidation rather than explore the possibilities of selling your enterprise as a complete package. In so doing, you could be throwing away potential capital in the form of intangible assets. Your business brand, your client list, your intellectual property (IT) and the goodwill you have built over the years are often just as marketable as your computer equipment or office furniture.

Seeking professional advice should be your first step when you are ready to make some decisions. Your business brokers NJ have the expertise to offer reliable guidance. Professional consultation is essential before you decide whether to sell or liquidate.

Once a business has established a trustworthy brand, it possesses intrinsic value. Such practices as providing excellent customer service, establishing a trustworthy relationship with your clientele and interacting consistently on social media venues all add value to your brand. You have already made inroads into your market with these intangibles, and a purchaser may be interested in building on the infrastructure you have established.

In many types of business, a client list is a valuable and marketable asset. An established following on Facebook or a list of custom-order clients on your books both constitute value. If you have contracted with a few major customers who provide a steady and reliable income, another company will almost certainly be interested in acquiring their business through purchasing yours.

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Even if your recent sales figures do not reflect growth, your products and the associated IT may well represent value for another company. If what you sell is unique or better than what your competitors sell, chances are good that another company will be interested in acquiring the rights to your products. Patents or trademarks that constitute barriers to the competition are attractive assets to others in your industry.

If you own a domain name that a competitor covets, it could increase the marketability of your business. If your website has established strong SEO that places it high on search results, another company may be interested in buying in. The presence of other effective online marketing tools such as favorable reviews, video links and referral networks add value to your business as well, making it all the more marketable.

If you have the luxury of planning the sale of your business several months in advance, you can work on strengthening your intangible business assets to improve the chances of selling. If you must take quicker action, at least make the time to speak with professional business consultants. They may recognize other hidden value in your enterprise that makes it a viable candidate for sale.

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