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Selby Associates is available to provide valuable guidance and strategies for selling or buying a business. Our business brokers are some of the most experienced in New Jersey with many having owned their own multiple businesses in various industries.

New Jersey business brokers who delivers every time
  • Business owners have questions and obstacles and need answers and solutions. Selby Associates navigates through the difficulties and complexities and shares their valuable experience and knowledge for your specific business.
  • If you are considering consulting with our New Jersey business brokers, Selby Associates has years of satisfied customers who can attest to our professionalism and success.
  • Selby Associates can provide a basic business valuation or review or a detailed analysis of your business. We will work with you in whichever capacity will benefit you the most and are not averse to a complicated situation or difficult financial records.
Why work with Selby Associates?
  • Selby Associates is professional and confidential and brings you tangible results that benefit you and your business today and then benefits you again later when you plan to exit.
  • Our New Jersey business brokers are experienced in many areas including family owned businesses, employee owned businesses, widow exit strategies, asset heavy businesses, and other challenging issues.
  • Experience makes a difference and Rob Selby has over 30 years of experience in owning and consulting businesses in the New Jersey area.
  • Selby Associates can evaluate your company and where it is in its business life cycle and make recommendations and prepare your business for a future sale.
  • Selby Associates knows what buyers look for in a business and that is cash flow. Our business brokers will help you increase your cash flow if possible and make small changes that will make your business more profitable and more valuable when you are ready to exit.

The business brokers from Selby Associates of New Jersey would be happy to answer any question you have about business advisory services, corporate exit planning, business mergers or buying a business.

Selby Associates
Selby Associates : Even my Lawyer and Accountant were impressed

Rob worked along with my lawyer and accountant and CFO and gained a complete understanding of my goals and my business. He identified issues and challenges and problem solved. Problem solved! He was available from beginning to end, and didn't just tell me the issues he helped me fix them and that made the process of selling my business easier. I would highly recommend Selby Associates to anyone ready to sell their business.

New Jersey,NJ. 5 star rating Overall Experience 5/5
When you think there isn't a profitable solution, Selby Associates may find one

Our New Jersey business brokers worked with a company who lost over $500,000 in one year and had millions in debt, but owned lots of assets including equipment and real estate. At an initial look, any business broker would recommend liquidation. This would cover the debt but the owner would not receive any funds. Selby Associates worked with the owner and key employees for several months to see where if any of the company was profitable. Our business brokers discovered through an in depth analysis that the solution was breaking apart the company into divisions. Operating the divisions separately would result in profits for certain divisions and make the company more valuable than when it was operated as one. The New Jersey business became several separate companies and then was sold in multiple transactions for over $10 million. The owner paid off the debt and received in excess of $5 million.

Selby Associates - when you need a successful New Jersey business broker

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Selby Associates business brokers can assist with buying a business in New Jersey and these areas:

  • Jersey Shore
  • Central Jersey
  • North Jersey
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Selby Associates
Selby Associates
Professional and Experienced

I am glad I used Selby Associates. There are so many details and items that need to be addressed when selling your company but this team covers it all and does a fantastic job. The transition went well and the Buyer, my employees and my customers are all happy.

4 star rating
Overall Experience 4/5
  • Selby Associates comment:

    Thanks! We assist our customers with the best guidance throughout the selling process of their business to achieve their complete satisfaction.

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