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If you run a business such as a law firm, medical practice, or architectural firm, you will eventually get to the point where you want to retire or exit the business. Prospective buyers for these types of businesses are usually professionals in the field who are looking to expand or relocate. If it's particularly difficult to get a new firm or practice started, it's easier to purchase an existing practice and expand from there. For this reason, doctors, lawyers, architects and other professional service industries need to build their business worth so they can retire or leave the profession with a nice nest egg of money.

When you're in professional services, start planning your exit strategy a few years before you want to sell. Then, speak with our New Jersey business brokers to determine how you can increase the value of your business to make it more attractive to buyers.

While in the planning process, start increasing profitability of your firm or practice. It's harder to diversify when you have a niche business, but if there are any services you could offer that you currently don't, you should consider adding them to attract more clients.

Additionally, avoid unreported income. It's important that your books are accurate and reflect all sales and profits.

For a manufacturing business, buyers look at a number of things to determine if your business is worth buying. Since most manufacturing businesses work with large clients and other production plants, one of the main ways to increase value is to build solid working relationships. It's also helpful to structure your business so that a buyer can easily transition from business buyer to owner and keep the business running smoothly.

A successful manufacturing business depends upon its ability to get the product out quickly. When buyers are looking to purchase a manufacturing business, they want a company that has a good reputation for delivering a quality product in an efficient manner. A business adviser can help you determine if there is a way to expedite the manufacturing process and increase the efficiency of your business. This is especially important for businesses that currently have a poor time management record.

The business brokers from Selby Associates of New Jersey would be happy to answer any question you have about business advisory services or business mergers.

One way to increase efficiency and your business value is to reevaluate the working relationship you have with suppliers. Even if you are able to improve your current manufacturing process, if the suppliers are slow to ship or have poor business practices it will reflect poorly on your business. You can increase your business's worth by showing buyers you have great manufacturing partners that don't impede on the business's ability to produce products.

Since manufacturing businesses are more complicated than many smaller businesses, there are a number of things you can do to ease the transition. One option is to offer to stay on staff for a certain amount of time to offer consultation to the new owner and employees. This consulting agreement will go in the sales contract and is often looked upon favorably by buyers. You can also strengthen your core team of employees and management. Buyers want to walk into a business knowing that the staff is capable of keeping the business running and the revenue flowing even under new ownership.

Wholesale businesses are largely dependent upon their assets. If a wholesale product isn't selling, it's not increasing cash flow. It's important to evaluate all of your wholesale products to determine if they are helping or hurting your business. Some products do have potential for growth, but some may be specialized products that only a handful of customers are interested in purchasing. When a buyer looks at your business, they want to see that the wholesale products you deal with are bringing in a continuous cash flow.

When a business adviser performs a business valuation, he or she will go over all of your records and help you determine if there are any products you should cease wholesaling. A broker can also help you perform market research to determine if there are any current wholesale products in your field that have high growth potential or are currently in high demand. Both of these tactics can help increase you're the price for which you sell your wholesale business.

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