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Your business is important to you. It's the reason you get up in the morning and go to work. Many years and long hours reviewing your business profit and loss statement, balance sheet, inventory, dealing with customers, vendors, employees. The success and satisfaction of owning a business as a result of your hard work and dedication. That's why it can seem so hard to sell it to a new owner.

There are plenty of reasons to sell a business. If it's struggling, you may just want out from underneath the debt. If it's time consuming, you may want to free yourself up to explore other areas. But it's when the business is going well that you struggle with why you should sell. Speaking with one of our New Jersey business brokers can assist you with determining when is a good time to sell and if the reasons are valid.

Three good reasons to sell are (1) money, (2) new career or life change, or (3) retirement.

Sell Because the Money's Good: Everyone wants to make a profit. It may be the main reason that you went into business in the first place. And selling your business can be one of the number one ways to make a profit. A business broker can sit down with you and go over a market analysis to show you how much businesses in your local area and industry are worth. When your company's worth becomes much more than your initial investment, that's a good reason to sell. It allows you to pay off any debts and have money left over for investing, traveling, or starting a new business.

The business brokers from Selby Associates of New Jersey would be happy to answer any question you have about buying a business or business mergers.

If you sell your business at the correct time and with the help of an experienced business broker, you can secure the future for you and your family.

Sell Because You Want to Try Something New: If you've been contemplating a career change, that's a great reason to sell your business. With the money you make from the sale, you can open a new business or get a job with another company or consult in your industry or go back to school. You open up paths that may have been previously blocked to you because you needed to focus on the business and make sure it stayed profitable. Once you get rid of those obligations, you are free to explore other avenues that may make you more successful or more happy at this point in your life.

Sell Because You Want to Retire: Retiring from your career means that you're ready to relax and enjoy life. You've spent years building up your business, putting in long nights, forfeiting vacations, and missing out on fun. Selling now means you can go travel, take trips abroad, remodel your home, focus on a hobby, spend more time with family and enjoy a leisurely lifestyle. Selling provides you with the money to retire and not have to worry about your future. Earning a high profit from your business is just one way to achieve your goals and live comfortably. Talk with your broker about creating an exit strategy for when you want to sell.

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