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Choosing a business adviser is an important decision. That's why we believe that you should know as much as possible about the type of business adviser that you are hiring before you sign a contract. Rob Selby specializes in helping businesses achieve their goals.

In many ways, Rob Selby's record speaks for itself. For the past 16 years, Rob Selby has represented many businesses for sale and these businesses have received multiple offers. Other business advisers do not achieve the same results and list many businesses for sale each year and often do not receive any offers on the majority of them. Here's the secret of Selby Associates success:

Building Personal Relationships: Selby Associates builds successful relationships not only with his clients but also with prospective buyers who may be interested in purchasing businesses. Both types of relationships are important to Rob's success and ultimately to his client's success. Maintaining personal relationships allows Rob to call potential buyers who may be interested in purchasing one of his client's businesses and often Rob can secure a good deal quickly by contacting someone on his list.

Developing Comprehensive Exit Strategies: In order to benefit from personal relationships and reach the ultimate goal of a successful sale, success must be defined. A business seller must know why he or she wants to sell the business and what business or personal goals need to be met in order for the transaction to be successful. Rob Selby knows that this is important, but that it isn't easy for every business owner to articulate. He works with each and every client to identify the client's goals for selling the business and, once those goals are identified, he works with the client to develop a comprehensive exit strategy that allows the business owner to effectively meet his or her goals.

Using Education and Experience to Benefit Clients: while all business advisers can claim to work hard, few can claim the type of expertise that Rob Selby offers his clients. Rob Selby has owned over a dozen businesses in various industries.

A Commitment to Getting Results: building personal relationships, developing comprehensive exit strategies and using education and experience to benefit clients are important, but they are nothing without a commitment to getting results. It is this commitment that drives Rob Selby to work hard for each and every client. Sometimes, it takes creativity and dedication to get the results that each client desires. However, be assured that each case is personal to Selby Associates, and that Selby Associates will not rest until every client's goals are addressed and successful results are achieved.

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